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Your Time Is Now

Prepare yourself, apprentice. If you choose to apply for a job at Laughing Planet, you will be considered a god by your friends. Can you laugh for 76 minutes straight? You will need to practice then. Can you make 116 burritos in an hour, and wrap them in tin foil that bears not a single wrinkle? How many strawberries does it take to make an all banana smoothie? Don’t answer that.

Do You Think You Can Make an Entire Planet Laugh?

Laughing Planet Café is always on the lookout for the most creative characters who are comfortable moving back and forth between a serious case of the workplace sillies, and high quality, hands-on customer service when the restaurant becomes the fast-paced environment that it often does.

Prepare to be:

  • Competent and efficient
  • Memorable to our customers in the best way
  • Fun to work with for your fellow staff members
  • Not boring, highly entertaining, purely individualistic
  • Supported in your personal quest for true happiness and excellence


Download an application form and bring it into the Laughing Planet Café where you are seeking employment.

download an application