Bubbie’s Spring Bowl Is Here!

A Bowl So Delicious, You’ll Get All Verklempt!

Eastern European flavors meet the Pacific North-fresh. Braised Lamb Shoulder. Roasted Asparagus. Buckwheat. Pickled Radishes. Spinach. All topped off w/ a dill yogurt sauce. Seasonal, wholesome ingredients with an old-world spin–what Bubbie wouldn’t approve??



#SeasonalVeggie #LindaRichman #Bubala

April Is the Month of Veggie Love!

All April long and at every location, Laughing Planet Cafe celebrates our age-old commitment to all things veggie-licious! Spotlights on our menu, special postings on social media, the changing of the “seasonal veggie” guard mid-month, and a brand new all-vegan Seasonal that debuts on April 15!

AND AS IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH: All month long, sub daiya cheese for dairy cheese for FREE, and/or add Vegan Sour Cream to any meal for FREE!
veggie month at laughing planet cafe