Placing Value in People

Today alone, we counted a whopping 4,034 mentions of the word sustainability. Greenwashing, anyone? Frankly, we don’t like the word anymore. Everyone uses it, and it’s now a cliché. But we do believe in the principles of a more environmentally conscious, eco-friendly, community-driven world?

To us, those principles are easily lost in the jargon of the day. Laughing Planet recognizes the people that are tied to the values: the people in our community who we serve, the people who we employ and whose lives we work hard to improve, and the people whom we partner with to provide the healthiest food in each of our cafés.

At Laughing Planet, the value we place in people over principles is represented in this 3-part approach:

Sourcing & PartnersMaterials & IngredientsEmployees & Community