Living Better Lives

Every effort to “go green” or what have you, ultimately comes down to people. The people who dine with us, the people who make up the communities we serve, and the employees who work at our restaurants.

Knowing this, Laughing Planet does everything possible to improve the lives of those people in and around our neighborhood restaurants, working to make real contributions through partnerships and hiring practices. And we do this by:

  • Striving to protect the integrity of the neighborhoods where we locate our restaurants, encouraging employees and customers to bike or walk to our locations
  • Satisfying and delighting our customers by creating a light, fun atmosphere that inspires the imagination and laughter
  • Creating an environment where families can eat and spend time together, both indoors and in outdoor seating closer to nature
  • Supporting our employees in their creative endeavors, and spending energy to ensure the greatest possible happiness and fulfillment while in our care