Redefining Fresh

Laughing Planet chooses only the freshest whole vegetables for our burritos, bowls, salads, soups, sides, sauces, smoothies and more, sourcing everything from local purveyors whenever possible.

We run an operation that’s heavy on prep time, so we can pass the savings on to our customers while still providing the very best in nutritious, delicious fare. Laughing Planet is proud of the fact that we:

  • Lower our carbon footprint by using a centralized commissary model, where all food is prepared in 1 location and heated using steam at our restaurants
  • Recycle our humor daily so as to maximize the value of every last chuckle. In fact, this same joke was used on our old website.
  • Develop innovative solutions to materials problems, such as re-using soda boxes as to-go containers for customers who order 2 or more burritos
  • Often choose more expensive options for the sake of the environment, such as opting for fully compostable, corn stalk-based sauce cups
  • Buy food in bulk to be prepared in 1 location, reducing waste from packaging, virtually eliminating emissions by using a single delivery vehicle