Know the Whole Farm

Dear Planet, you’ve heard this a thousand times, but we love you. Seriously. Mean it. When it comes to sourcing our fresh, whole veggies, protein supplements, fruits for our juices, and chicken for our burritos and bowls, we search for the best we can find from farmers and producers within local communities.

By doing this, we avoid the devastating effects to both the planet and our neighbors that stem from sourcing products from far away. And we always work hard to:

  • Develop meaningful relationships with farmers and food producers who share our values, including Draper Valley Natural Chicken and the Truitt Brothers (where we source our beans)
  • Seek out farmers and growers who have committed themselves to both sustainability, and to producing great tasting food
  • Source organic produce and products whenever possible, while still creating affordable, nutritious fare
  • Actively participate in energy saving programs often at a higher cost, purchasing carbon offsets (through Northwest Natural), to counter-balance the gas we use